Sculptra® is an injectable used to fight wrinkles and sagging skin by stimulating the skin’s collagen production to help restore the cheeky plumpness of healthy skin. It is an alternative anti-aging treatment to injectable dermal fillers, skin creams, fat injections and implants. Collagen is an important structural protein found in connective tissue. Its function is to keep the skin firm, youthful and smooth. As you age, your body’s collagen production decreases, and you may begin to see wrinkles or sagging. Fat loss beneath the skin also results in drooping skin, hollowed cheeks, indentations and depressions in the face. 

How It Works

As Sculptra® stimulates your skin to regrow its own natural collagen over time, it helps to correct shallow to deep facial wrinkles and folds resulting in a firmer, younger looking skin. It is important that you understand that Sculptra® is simply a collagen stimulator. The Sculptra® itself is NOT providing the filling action; the Sculptra® causes a reaction in the skin, which forms new collagen. The Sculptra® itself is absorbed by the tissue and is gone about 2 years after a treatment, but the new collagen layer which is left behind may last 2 or more years. Sculptra® requires a SERIES of treatments to achieve adequate filling for most skin defects.

Sculptra® is composed of poly-L-lactic acid, a molecule which is biodegradable, so it does not harm the body and is easily broken down and absorbed. We use a very effective topical numbing agent to numb the skin prior to the injections. The Sculptra® powder is also reconstituted with water and lidocaine, so you will feel more numb as the injections are being done. Most people are surprised at how comfortable the treatments are. On average, a minimum of three treatment sessions are needed over a period of several months. The number of injection sessions and the length of time between sessions vary from person to person. Older patients, thinner patients, and patients who exercise extensively may require more product or more treatment sessions.


Your Procedure

You should avoid taking the following medications for at least 7 days prior to your injections to minimize bruising:

  • Any type of anti-inflammatory medication – including Aspirin, Advil, Motrin, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Aleve, etc.

  • Any type of Omega-3 supplements such as fish oil, flax seed oil, etc.

  • Vit E.

You can also take Arnica to help prevent bruising. There is an oral pill and a topical gel or cream form – we recommend you use both. Start the pills (one tablet 3 times a day, dissolved in your mouth rather than swallowed whole) 3-7 days before your treatment and continue the pills and add the gel afterward until any bruising is gone. This will cut the healing time significantly. You can purchase these products over the counter at most local drug stores. We recommend that you ice the treatment area off and on for at least the first 24-48 hours.

Most IMPORTANT: Rule of 5’s: Massage the areas injected for 5 minutes, 5 times daily, for 5 days. This is critical to prevent the formation of nodules – we want to keep the Sculptra particles dispersed in the tissue rather than allowing too much collagen to form in one spot.


Sculptra® Butt Lift

Want more curves? A Sculptra® butt lift procedure augments the size and shape without implants to achieve a fuller and uplifted appearance of the buttocks.  The Sculptra butt lift® is the best option for those who want to add significant volume and projection to the buttocks and is a far safer than other forms of buttock augmentation such as fat transfer or butt implants.

Nonsurgical cosmetic treatments have come a long way in recent years. They’ve become an extremely effective way to achieve a wide range of aesthetic goals, including an improved buttocks appearance. Traditionally, the primary buttock augmentation options – the Brazilian butt lift and buttock implants – both involved extensive surgical procedures. Now, there is a new alternative that allows you to achieve your desired look without undergoing surgery.


When you undergo a Brazilian butt lift procedure, liposuction is performed to harvest fat from a donor region before it is transferred to your buttocks. However, Sculptra® can be used to provide a fuller buttocks shape without the need to harvest fat from a donor region. Sculptra® offers a nonsurgical buttock augmentation alternative, which has come to be known as the Sculptra® butt lift.

The Sculptra® butt lift is an excellent option for lean individuals who don’t have enough excess fat in a donor region to undergo fat transfer as part of a Brazilian butt lift. It is also idea for patients who would like to avoid surgery and instead prefer a minimally invasive, nonsurgical treatment solution.

In addition, ideal Sculptra butt lift candidates:

  • Are in good overall health

  • Have realistic expectations for the outcome of their procedure

  • Are able to maintain a stable, healthy weight

  • Would like to improve the shape and fullness of their buttocks

  • Are willing to commit to multiple treatment sessions and be patient while results are achieved in a gradual manner.

Your Procedure

We will assess and mark the treatment region with you in a standing position. To improve comfort, lidocaine will be added to the Sculptra® formula and also placed at the entry points for the delivery cannula. A microcannula, and in some instances a small needle, will be used to insert the Sculptra® into the areas of your buttocks where you would like to add more volume. You will be standing up for a portion of the Sculptra® injection, and you will be lying on your stomach for the remainder of the injection. Once all of the Sculptra® is placed in the treatment region, we will massage the area for a few minutes. Each treatment can generally be completed in about an hour. Most patients typically need 2-3 treatment sessions to achieve their desired results. Each treatment will be spaced in 4-6 week intervals.

You’ll see an initial volume increase that is caused by the sterile water used to suspend the Sculptra® particles for injection. Your body will naturally absorb this water during the first day or two following your procedure. We will ask you to massage the treatment area for 5 days after your procedure to ensure the Sculptra® particles distribute evenly throughout your buttocks. This will help deliver a fuller, more contoured appearance. It’s important to be patient. Your results will appear gradually, and the shape of your buttocks will continue to improve as you go for follow-up treatments over the next few months. Once you achieve your final results, they will be long-lasting. Sculptra® can provide an improved buttocks appearance for 2-3 years. If you want to maintain your results for longer, you will need to undergo a new series of injections.


The cost of a Sculptra® butt lift varies based on your unique aesthetic goals and the amount of volume you want to add to your buttocks. It is common to use up to 5 vials of Sculptra® for each side of your buttocks. With 2-3 treatment sessions, this equates to 20-30 vials. We offer a “volume discount” for these multi-vial injections. In addition, we offer a variety of financing options to ensure your treatment fits into your budget.