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Dermal Fillers

Lip Filler

Tox Bar's Signature Lips are recognized by a feminine shape with increased medial height, a sharp defined contour, highlighted cupids bow, natural plump, and artistically inspired ratios between the upper and lower lip.

Masterclass Certified in Designer, Mature, Asian, and Natural Lips plumps inspired by:

Julie Horne, RN ~ "Lip Queen", Switzerland

Dr. Claudia Andrea Hernandez, Columbia

Dr. Fang Wen Tseng, Taiwan

Prof. Sebastian Cotofana, America


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Our cheeks are the framework of our face. As we age they succumb to gravity changing our facial shape from a triangle to a square. Dermal filler to your cheeks builds back that youthful Beauty Triangle immediately and naturally, presenting toned, poised cheeks that bespeak of health and beauty.

Love the contour of your nose with filler treatment designed exclusively for your face and desired nose profile.

Sleep positions and aging of the face deepen the nasolabial folds. Plump and smooth these folds with dermal filler that hydrate and stabilize your skin.

Nasolabial Folds





Lower Face

Introducing dermal filler in the chin optimizes the jawline and creates definition to the lower third of the face. Both your frontal and profile angles will thank you for adding projection and balance to the chin to preserve your ideal beauty triangle.

We love dolls but not puppet lines beside the chin. Using the principles of facial shape and contour, dermal filler application creates pleasing contour flowing from the cheekbones to the chin with natural looking volume and flexible softness.

Contouring of the jawline and reducing jowls is everyone’s dream for achieving the most youthful facial rejuvenation. Achieve a slimmer, more defined jawline and see how it compliments all the other features of your face; cheeks, mouth, neck and more.


Jawline Contouring

Marionette Lines



Embedded lines of the upper face are erased with microdroplets of dermal filler to smooth and correct unwanted static wrinkles that are present absent facial expression.

Not so lovingly called the “Elevens", Glabellar Frown Lines are eliminated from between your brows using precision to wipe away years from your face.

Say “no!” to hollow temples by choosing a targeted treatment designed to lift and fill reduced volume to your temples restoring youth to your upper face.

Forehead Lines


Glabellar Lines

Upper Face


Youthful mouth and lip appearance makes it essential to have perfectly built columns ascending from the cupid’s bow to the base of the nose. Re-creation and accentuation of the philtrums with filler offers enhancement to the ideal natural shaping of the upper lip.

Eliminate the tiny vertical lines around the mouth sometimes referred to as “ barcode lines” with targeted microdroplet filler induction to each line to create a smooth wrinkle-free frame for your beautiful lips.

 Turn a frown upside down with stabilization and plumping to the corners of the mouth creating continuity between the lips and the cheek. Smooth skin is happy skin.



Oral Commissures


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