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 Virtual Urgent Care

Telehealth — sometimes called telemedicine — lets your health care provider care for you without an in-person office visit. Telehealth is done primarily online with internet access on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

By Ashley Mitchell, FNP-C
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What Is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the use of digital information and communication technologies to access health care services remotely and manage your health care. Technologies can include computers and mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. This may be technology you use from home. Or a nurse or other health care professional may provide telehealth from a medical office or mobile van, such as in rural areas. Telehealth can also be technology that your health care provider uses to improve or support health care services.

The goals of telehealth, sometimes called e-health or m-health (mobile health), include the following:

  • Make health care easier to get for people who live in communities that are remote or in the country.

  • Keep you and others safe if you have an infectious disease such as COVID-19.

  • Offer primary care for many conditions.

  • Make services more easily offered or handy for people who have limited ability to move, time or transportation.

  • Offer access to medical specialists.

  • Improve communication and coordination of care among health care team members and a person getting care.

  • Offer advice for self-management of health care.


Virtual Visits

Virtual visits can offer care in many conditions such as migraines, ear, eyes, nose and throat concerns, skin conditions, diabetes, depression, anxiety, colds, coughs, UTIs/Bladder Infections, women's health concerns and COVID-19. These visits allow you to get care from a provider when you don't need or can't get an in-person visit.

You only need a smartphone, tablet or computer with internet access to join the virtual visit. You can find a comfortable, quiet, private spot to sit during your visit. Your provider also meets from a private place.


No Insurance Billed
Includes Lab & XRay Interpretation
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