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BROWS - Microblading and Microshading

Pre Care Instructions 

-Do NOT exercise 24 hours prior to appointment.

-No chemical peels, or any resurfacing treatments for 3 weeks pre & post appointment. ( no resurfacing procedures post appointment in the brow area, unless you want it to fade, & fast)

-No retinoids, Vitamin C serum, or AHA’s 2 weeks prior. (Great for regeneration, not for your tattoo)

-Need to wait at least 2 weeks after botox & any fillers.

-Avoid the sun (always) and sun tan beds one week prior

-No aspirin, Advil, niacin, vitamin E, fish oil, prenatal vitamins, (any “hair, skin, nails” vitamins) 48 hours before appointment

-Need to wait 48 hours after brow waxing, tinting, lamination services.

-No alcohol or caffeine 24 hours before appointment

Post Care Instructions 

Channel your inner JLO. Think big hats & sunglasses for the next 2 weeks.

Immediately & for the next few hours, blot brows with disposable cotton given at appointment.  This prevents the brows from scabbing heavily. (Heavier the scab, the more tattoo you will loose.) Every morning & night apply a pea-size amount of provided healing cream to both brows. (1/2 a pea size for each brow) and any time throughout the day they ever feel dry. A little product goes a long way, so keep brows moist. They should NEVER be dry.

Day 1-3 Get a cotton round and slightly damp it, dab brows to remove excess oil, any dirt or impurities. Genlty wipe area around the tattoo to clean up excess oil & dirt. Cleanse face, AVOIDING the brows.

Day 2-6 You may GENTLY cleanse your brows with a MILD soap. Your brows are healing excellently, do no over saturate them in water. Wet face, wash face for 1 minute, then GENTLY, USING YOUR RINGFINGER, wash over the brows. Maybe 3 wipes with a soapy ring finger. Rinse face, avoiding over saturating the brows with water. 

Day 5-9 NO PICKING! If you pull the scab, you will pull the ink out! All that work will be for nothing. Use your aftercare cream to “hold down’ any flaking. Flakes need to come off naturally. Continue washing your face as stated above.

Day 8-14 You may notice that after all the flakes are gone they seem light, this is totally normal & the skin is still healing which is why we wait 4-6 weeks till the touch-up. The final result will show at 3-4 weeks. Keep using the aftercare until it is gone. After all the flakes are gone, USE SUNCREEN IN YOUR BROWS AND ALL OVER YOUR FACE, NECK, & CHEST…. FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE

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